10 Tips For Organizing Your Closet

tips for organizing your closet

How to Organize Your Closet

I don’t typically love the word perfect, because nothing truly is. However, I do believe that no matter what kind of closet you have or how many clothes you have, you can have a perfect closet. And what I really mean by that, is perfect for you!

You see, everyone’s closet is different and some people may want more than just a simple hanging rod and some shelves. Some of us like to get creative with our storage, while others prefer simplicity. There are so many ways to store your stuff, but you will need to go through the process of figuring out what works best for you and your closet.

This is why today, I want to share with you 10 tips for organizing your closet:

  1. Rid The Clutter
  2. Don’t Get Caught Up In Trends
  3. The Right Place For Everything
  4. Implement A Capsule Wardrobe
  5. Utilize Hanging Space
  6. Add More Shelves
  7. Organize By Type
  8. The Right Containers
  9. Consider Getting A Dresser
  10. Have A Seasonal Space


There is so much to be shared with each of these tips so let’s dive in and you will be more than ready to go tackle your closet!

tips for organizing your closet

1. Clutter Is The Enemy

If you are at a point where you have abandoned hope of having a clean closet – it’s time to de-clutter. Break up with the clutter and be done with it once and for all!

When you have too much stuff, it makes it so much harder to keep clean and organized. It also robs you of precious time when your constantly searching for things or trying to clean them up.

Things you need to get rid of today:

  • Clothing that doesn’t fit
  • Anything with stains or holes
  • Things you haven’t worn in over a year
  • Anything that no longer fits your style
  • Items that are broken (and you have no intentions of fixing)
  • Shoes that are too worn out or dingy looking
  • An excess amount of one thing (you don’t need 5 black dresses)

2. Trends Aren’t Always A Good Idea

Trends are great to follow, but it’s even better if you can find a trend that will fit into your existing lifestyle. If you don’t normally wear jean jackets, then buying one just because it’s trending is not really that helpful.

Trends come and go very fast so getting too caught up in them will just lead to more clutter further down the road.

You will love your closet more if it is filled with items you actually love. Many times we buy a trending item, wear it for a year then throw it in the back of the closet. That pile in the back will just grow and grow, so avoid starting it in the first place.

3. Everything Needs A Home

You need to get in the habit of putting things back where they go. Clothes tend to get left on chairs, beds, and even the floor. Every item you purchase needs to have a place you plan on putting it. Putting in a ton of effort to organize your closet will go to waste if you can’t keep it that way at least for a while!

Another great benefit of getting in the habit of putting everything back where it goes is that it will be easier to find what you are looking for.

When all your items have a specific spot, then you know exactly where they are when you need them. This also gives you more room to add new clothes into your closet because you will have a designated spot for them.

4. A Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is basically a mix of around 10-15 items that can be mixed and matched to create different looks. It helps you to shop smarter and only get the clothes that will really work for your lifestyle.

It’s okay to have a few fun/trendy pieces but 90% of your closet should be pieces that can be worn for years that you feel confident wearing.

Think of your capsule wardrobe as a foundation for your closet. This will keep you from accumulating too many clothes that just don’t work for you, plus it makes getting dressed much faster and easier! Try to zero in on your style and create at least 10 outfits around it. Make sure they are versatile, can be layered, and are of good quality.

The main criteria to build a capsule wardrobe are:

  • Find a style you love and stick with it
  • Select items that can be worn in different combinations
  • Quality over quantity. Buy less and buy higher quality.
  • Start with basics ( a few pairs of denim, a few basic tees, one jacket etc)
  • Stick with mostly neutral colors

tips for organizing your closet

5. No Wasted Space

Most closets are just a single rod that is hung horizontally across the middle. This actually isn’t utilizing the closet space very well! If you have some DIY spirit, consider adding in 2-3 rods at varying heights. This will give you much more space to hang your clothes and add visual interest to your closet.

You can then hang longer dresses and cardigans on a higher rod and shorter shirts or skirts on a lower rod. If you have the room, you can also get a hanging shoe organizer to free up floor space.

6. Adding Shelves

In addition to adding rods, you may want to add in a few shelves if possible. This can be especially helpful if you don’t own a dresser.

Once you have shelves, you can buy fabric bins to organize smaller items like socks, underwear, and scarves. Shelves can also help offer you more organizing options. Shelves are also great for folded sweaters since they shouldn’t be hung. I also use shelves to fold my jeans and that helps free up hanging space!

7. Keep Like Things Together

This tip may seem obvious but I have seen many closets that don’t implement this! Organizing your closet into like items will not only look nicer, it will also save you time in getting dressed. I like to organize my closet by style and color.

  1. Start with sleeve length- tank tops then short sleeves, then long sleeves.
  2. Then sort by color, lightest to darkest.
  3. I also sort from least used to most used. Basic tees/denim go in the center for easiest access and dresses/jackets on the sides.

You won’t believe how much this helps when getting ready- clearly seeing everything and knowing right where something belongs.

8. Be Picky About Storage Containers

When it comes to storage bins or boxes, be thoughtful about it. Before you buy, know what will work in your closet.

Also, make sure to either get clear containers or labels to put on fabric ones so you will always know what’s inside. Avoid using shoe boxes or bins that have lids. You want to be able to see everything and reach for things easily.

I like to use a mix of fabric bins and clear plastic ones on shelves. It makes it easier to organize by category then alphabetical order. I also label them on the side with the bin’s contents so that I can easily identify them and know where to put things back.

9. Consider Getting A Dresser

If you have a small closet but a larger room, you may want to invest in a dresser. This can really free up space in your closet. This is also a great option if you don’t want to renovate your closet to add more rods or shelves.

You can find stylish and affordable dresses nearly anywhere- you can quite often find a great one at a yard sale or thrift store as well.

A dresser is great to store:

  • jewelry
  • pajamas
  • activewear
  • underwear, bras, socks
  • swimwear

If you don’t have room for a dresser, you will have to get more creative with your closet space. Or you can also get a bed that comes with storage drawers.

tips for organizing your closet

10. Creating A Seasonal Space

This is another tip that has been life-changing for me! If you live in a 4-season location as I do, you may have more clothes than someone who only has summer-like weather year-round. This can create a chaotic closet if you’re not careful!

My advice is to move off-season items out of sight. This can mean the back of the closet, on a high shelf, or in a spare closet elsewhere. If you have a guest bedroom with a closet that is usually empty, that can be a great option to store your off-season clothes!

Of course, some things can be worn year-round and shouldn’t be tucked away. If you have a capsule wardrobe, you won’t have as many things to put away since all your items should be versatile and easy to transition.

I do love to move out all my thick sweaters, boots, and thicker jackets during spring and summer to make my closet look cleaner.

What To Do If You Share A Closet?

This is a common question as many people share a closet with a spouse or roommate. If your closet buddy doesn’t want their things organized like yours – that’s okay! You can make a deal to always put things back where they belong to at least keep the shared space clean.

Establish a clear separation for your side of the closet that you have control over to organize as you wish. This is where labels and multiple storage containers can be helpful so both people know where their things are.

Should I Hire A Professional?

In most cases, I don’t think a professional organizer is necessary. However, if you are strapped for time and really just need a complete closet overhaul then hire help for sure! You can usually find some help on Craigslist or through friends.

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know if they know of anyone who does this for a living. Most cleaning and organizing can be done on your own, but you may need some help building shelves or installing rods. If you aren’t comfortable with the construction side of things then seek a professional!

Thank you for reading my best tips for organizing your closet! Remember, the best thing you can do is de-clutter and keep it clean. Add in smart storage solutions, organize by style and slowly create the closet of your dreams!