Maximizing The Room With Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartment

Maximizing The Room With Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartment

There are many ways to make a small apartment becomes wider by applying suitable interior design ideas for small apartment. The small apartment does not mean to make you uncomfortable. Actually, the essence of the idea is to eliminate unneeded furniture and used furniture that are multi functional.

Many famous designers who managed to expand cramped apartment. Design used is very unique and efficient. The designers do not just cram your entire equipment become one but also pay attention to the element of beauty in a small apartment. In a small apartment you can also have a family room.

Apartment design is called a living cube for the family room there is a black box to put a television, books, DVDs, and your clothes. This apartment only has an area of ​​290m2. The living room, family room, kitchen, and dining room are combined in one room. While the bed is placed in the upper levels as high as 4.5 ft.

Another interesting design is a hanging bed. The bed becomes interior design ideas for small apartment that can maximizing the room. If you are using a sofa bed in a small apartment, you definitely feel uncomfortable.

The beds were hanged be the right choice so that you can maximize the space at the bottom floor. Beside the bed there are stairs that used to lead to the beautiful new garden on the roof of the house.

Unique Interior Design Ideas For Small Apartment

A unique interior design is the home box. Interior design ideas for small apartment with unique style consists of a bed that is at the top. Beside the bed there is a small table for reading. On the bed, there is also window for ventilation.

Under the bed there are three main racks. all the shelves are constrained by elegant white barriers. In the first shelf there are six parts to put your goods such as shoes, books, blankets, and so forth. In the middle, there is room to store your clothes. Your clothes will remain presentable because your clothes laid out by hanging.

In the third part there is a sink and glass to wash your face, brush your teeth, and wash your hands. Floor apartment made of wood material. The wood material will keep the room warm. It is a brief description of the interior design ideas for small apartment.