Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table, Claiming the Wasted Fruits of Nature

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Wood Coffee table has been famous around the houses. You might find many coffee tables with various base materials, such as a glass coffee table, metallic coffee table, and wooden coffee table. However, has everyone ever think about doing something beneficial for the environment, such as using reclaimed wood coffee table?

Many times, people think that old and unused woods are worthless. This comes from the mind of those who don’t see the potentials in everything. Truth to be told, you can build many kinds of things by recycling such wasted nature.

There are problems with the mainstream coffee tables around the market. For starts, you might get annoyed by the constant dirt that appears on the glass table surface, while metallic table tend to be rather dull and unfit with the room design.

Because of that, many people still think that a wooden coffee table is always the perfect choice. For an extra bonus, reclaimed wood coffee table is awesome furniture you can have by using the old and wasted woods. Besides being popular, it is also well-known around the market, although it is rather expensive for a recycled product.

For a cheaper and more eco-friendly option, reclaimed wood coffee table DIY is always a good solution for you.

The First Step of Making the Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

True to its nature, reclaimed wood coffee table is not too difficult to make. You can find many materials around you, especially old and unused woods. You will most likely spend less than US$50 to build the whole table. Because of this cheaper price, you can gather enough materials without having to worry with the cost.

Generally, you will need a type II wood glue, a few reclaimed woods, several more angle-finish nails, a paste wax, and wood screws. For the tools, you will use a circular saw, a dust mask, a full-set handheld drill, work gloves, a tape measure, and earplugs.

The materials and tools needed are various, depending on the kind of reclaimed wood coffee table you want to make. You might think that getting yourself a reclaimed wood coffee table with storage would be more convenient. However, it will take longer to finish and require more materials to make the table.

Make Yourself a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Once you’ve done with the gatherings, it is time to do the real thing. Building a reclaimed wood coffee table is not as difficult as people think, and you will spend only half the day to build it. To start the project, you will definitely need to make the reclaimed wood coffee table plans.

If you feel confused with the plans, you can always make the basic form of it. With the right materials and tools in your possession, you will create something memorable and unique that can be passed down from generations to generations. And thus, let the craftsmanship do the job.

Build the surface and its base

First of all, make the shape of the table surface. For an easy option, you can build the surface in form of rectangle or circle. Once the shape of the table is determined and done, you are required to build the base of the reclaimed wood coffee table to get the perfect spot to mount the base skirt.

This can be done by selecting the perfect areas with good material to drive through the wood screws. You might have to build the base on your own. Place a plank of wood with smaller size than the surface beneath and coat the plank of wood with wood glue. Then, stick it to the base of the table. Once you’ve done with it, it’s time to finish the base with the finish nails.

Build and attach your table’s legs

There are plenty of leg variations for your reclaimed wood coffee table. Immovable legs are always easier to make, but you can also build some legs with wheels for more movement. You can get the legs with wheels from old and unused tables, or you can also build it. If you decide to use the legs, you will have to make four triangular gussets to stick the legs to the base.

Once you do, stick the legs to the gussets with wood glue. Finally, finish the legs by placing the gussets beneath the base and finish it with the finish nails. Sometimes, you may have to stick the gussets into the base first, instead of doing the legs first.

For the immovable legs, you can simply make them by crafting the reclaimed woods. Make the legs by cutting the wood into four pieces of tall blocks. If you are into something artistic, you can start carving the legs with beautiful patterns. You can also get the legs from an old and unused table.

Usually, these legs already have the artistic shape that might satisfy your eyes. Regardless, once the legs are done, it’s time to stick them to the base. Simply coat the upper part of the legs with wood glue and attach them to the base. You’re finally done with the reclaimed wood coffee table—in a rough sketch, to be more exact.

Finish the table!

This is the icing on the cake—literally. As the fun part, you can finish the whole reclaimed wood coffee table in your own ways. Paint the reclaimed wooden surface with the color that suits your taste the best. A brownish color is always good and classy, but you will have to watch out for any lead-based paint.

For more beautiful finish, waxing the table is always good as well. This can be done to strengthen the table color and protect it. As mentioned before, you can make some carvings to the legs. For even more artistic point, you can also carve the table surface with beautiful patterns.


Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table