The Key To Successful Corner Showers

The Key To Successful Corner Showers

In smaller bathrooms corner showers can be a perfect space saving choice. There are some larger options, but the variety that is available can get as small as thirty inches. In a bathroom suite with a separate tub, fancy models can be a fun addition. Either up to you, a corner showers can be the great way to go.

For illustration, a few weeks ago we faced a mold problem in our existing guest bathroom. It necessary all is uncovered of the room down to the hoops. This is when we revealed that the shower or tub was really built into the bathroom.

It was either cut a hole in the wall to bring in a new shower or tub or else go a different way when we went to replace the fixture. And finally we choose to go with a corner showers.

The easy way to get into the space is use the corner shower. We just bowed it sideways and carried it into the room. We choose to create the walls ourselves using ceramic tiles and just get the corner showers base.

We hired a plumber to do the heavy pipe work although it was amazingly easy to install. The room looks and feels twice as big as usually with the new corner shower.

For the guest bathroom, the little corner shower is great and perfect. Now we are consider another corner showers in our master bathroom after had the pleasant experience with.

We want to go overboard at this time and get one of the corner showers that have multiple shower heads and double as a steam bath. We cannot wait to see that our bathroom dream come to pass.

A corner showers could be answer if you need an imaginative way to open up a small bathroom space. There are many options to choose and many of them are easy and quick to install.

Corner Showers

The Key To Successful Corner Showers
The Key To Successful Corner Showers
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