What Country Living Room Furniture Provides an Authentic Country Feel?

What Country Living Room Furniture Provides an Authentic Country Feel

Giving your living room a country feel could make it look charming and chic. However, you need to put the right country living room furniture in it in order to create a perfect country living room feel. You should not overdo it either. Or else, your home would also end up looking like a display center.

List before You Buy

Before you even buy a single piece of country living room furniture, you should plan what pieces to buy first. Do not worry so much though as you don’t really need to buy so many pieces to create a country style living room. The first thing in your list should be a coffee table. Choose deep colored finish and a natural look.

Try to steer clear from sofas that match the coffee table though if you don’t want a cabin look in your living room. You can even simply go with a plain beige sofa. But try to get side tables of the same finish as the coffee table. Place the tables on each ends of the sofa to create a coordinated appeal.

To complete your list of country living room furniture to buy, you should include a rocking chair. Find a simple but comfortable and cozy looking rocking chair that you can decorate to look like granny’s favorite spot.

How to Accessories the Country Living Room Furniture

Start with some throw pillows. Choose the plushy and colorful ones. These would bring color to a neutral colored sofa and make your living room look cozy and comfy. You can go with various looks.

In fact, you should experiment and really mix and match various designs and colors. This will not only give you an elegant and hip country feel in your home. It will also give you a look and appeal that is truly your own.

You should also accent your coffee table. To do so effectively, stay away from blending colors and material. Instead you should go with wrought iron centerpiece or hand blown glass. This would surely highlight the table and provide some interest to this spot.

On the side tables, you can put some candle holders to put some glow and warmth in the room. You can also get some low lighting lamps there and all around the room to create a cozy and a homey ambience.

Mixing More Modern Country Styling

Like many other designs and styles of the living room furniture, the country look has also evolved over time. If you want to follow the same look you can use other materials such as glass and polished metal as well.

The important thing is to utilize natural colors. Everything should also look and actually feel comfortable as well. The focal point should really project a country flavor to create the same mood in your living room.

To effectively achieve this, you should avoid using hard lines. Instead go with wood, straw or wicker. You can use stained or natural wood. Just avoid a polished and glossy finish though. And then again, for accents, use leather, cotton, wool and other natural materials.