Do Japanese Families Use Dining Tables?

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Do Japanese Families Use Dining Tables?

The dining room table is a staple in many North American households, but do Japanese families use them? Do they eat their meals on the floor like other Asian cultures? Do they have tables at all? These are all questions that I have had. After some research, I found that there are two types of traditional Japanese tables: tatami mats and low tables (called “kotatsu”). The size, shape, and style of these tables vary depending on where you live in Japan. 

You might find a Japanese dining table or kotatsu for your home. These low tables have been popular in the east and west alike, but they’re also enjoyed by those who want to bring elegant simplicity into their space.
In recent years many homes across Japan are using Western-style chairs with an accompanying table instead of traditional high seats from olden days which can be difficult on ones’ back or hips after sitting down for any amount time. If you’re looking at redesigning your home then I would highly recommend considering these type of fixtures because not only do they look good; there is something about having both function AND form working together seamlessly. 

The traditional Japanese dining room furniture is a must-have for those who want to create an atmosphere of minimalist, yet sophisticated design. The graceful lines and simple shapes that make up the Zataku Hara Design’s pieces will give this space its own unique style while still keeping with other genres such as modern or rustic decorating styles! One great thing about these types of sets? They can be used in almost any type home because they’re both understated AND elegant enough so anyone would feel comfortable sitting down at any time – even if you aren’t sure what their tastes might really entail.

Here are some examples of Japanese dining tables with a modern spin: