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glow in the dark furniture 499x374 1
glow in the dark furniture 499x374 1
glow in the dark furniture 499x374 1


Cool Furniture Inspiration Glow in the Dark Design by MeriItalia

Ready for Amazing Glow Furniture in the dark? Via Lattea padded furniture, cool product from Meritalia which is known as an evolution of Stardust furniture. Glow in the dark furniture by Meritalia is one exiciting and comfortable pieces.

Comfortable Contemporary Glow In The Dark Via Lattea Furniture. It looks like a normal sofa in the daylight, but when it gets dark, this sofa creates an amazing effect in your living room by emitting radiance. This project is based on the pursuit of lightness and simplicity is applied to the elastic balance between internal pressure and dynamic load of the body mediated by the shape of the cover.

The range consists mainly of furniture and comfortable seating to relax. Via Lattea is a striking change from traditional padded furniture and also a significant upgrade from your college room blow-up chair. All products are made from recycled fibers and glow in the dark.

There are four different LED light colors: white, green, red and blue. This can not only lined furniture line your living room to stand out among the others, but also make it easier to walk at night.


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