Get a Clean Kitchen With These 6 Simple Tips

Tips to Keep the Home Kitchen Stays Clean

The kitchen is a hub of activity in the home. It’s where we cook, clean, and spend most of our time preparing food. But it can get dirty quickly if you don’t have a system for cleaning up after your activities. In this blog post, we will share 6 simple tips that will help you get a clean kitchen!

1) Clean as you go – It’s a lot easier to clean up after yourself than it is to wait until the end of your activity and try to get rid of all those dirty dishes at once. Just make sure not to leave any visible dirt on surfaces, counters, or appliances when cleaning up!


Tips to Keep the Home Kitchen Stays Clean
2) Invest in dish soap with built-in degreasing agents – These types of soaps have ingredients that will help break down stains and grease more effectively. You’ll be able to wipe away grime faster using these products! 

Keeping one side of the sink empty at all times will give you space to use your dish soap more effectively. If you’re like most people who cook regularly, then it’s likely that there is always something sitting in either side of the sink. This doesn’t give much room to clean dishes or scrape messy items into the garbage disposal after cooking meals. Keeping one side free will ensure more space to with when washing up dirty plates

usine dish soap

3) Keep your kitchen sponge fresh by microwaving it for a short time period every week – After microwaving it for 60 seconds, allow the sponge cool before wiping off residue from plates or other surfaces. You can also clean your sponge by boiling it in water for about five minutes every week!

Cleaning sponge and rag on kitchen counter

4) Keep surfaces clear by using cutting boards – This will help you avoid cross contamination, which is when germs are spread from one food to another through direct contact. If there’s no room on the countertop while cooking, use a nearby table or other flat surface instead!

use cutting boards


5) Clean appliances regularly – Over time, buildup of dirt and oil accumulate inside microwaves and ovens. To get rid of this residue without scrubbing too hard yourself, pour an equal mix of vinegar and water into the appliance itself before turning it on to its highest setting for three minutes. Be sure not to touch anything until everything has cooled off afterward! The dirtiest things in the kitchen are probably your stovetop and oven. But you can clean these areas easier with some help! A good quality appliance cleaning product will make quick work of cutting through grease, grime, burnt-on food, and other tough stains that might be on any of your kitchen appliances.

6) Use a squeegee to flat surfaces – It’s important to wipe down all surfaces inside the kitchen, including cabinets and drawers. If you use a window cleaning tool that has an attached microfiber cloth then it will absorb more moisture than if you use paper towels or other types of rags! 

If you want to keep your kitchen clean, it’s important that you have a plan for cleaning up after the different activities. There are many tasks in the kitchen and they all need time to be addressed so that your space doesn’t become too cluttered with messes or dirt. We hope these 10 tips can help you get started!