Decorating Small Mobile Home Bedroom

Decorating Small Mobile Home Bedroom

Living in a small mobile home bedroom can often feel like being stuck in a closet. That closet, however, can be transformed to a cozy little haven with some select interior decorating touches. One of the most important aspects of decorating a mobile home bedroom, or any room in a mobile home, is creative use of space. Folks may be surprised how a few simple decisions can turn a small, overcrowded bedroom into a luxurious place to unwind in.

Decorating Small Mobile Home Bedroom

Step 1: Start fresh

Get rid of the traditional mobile home décor, such as gaudy chrome light fixtures and that gauche paneling that lines too many of these lower-priced abodes. The paneling can be ripped out, which is time consuming and costly, or covered.

Soft fabric can be draped and nailed to the walls, the paneling can be painted or the gaps in the paneling can be filled in with putty and the walls covered in wallpaper. Once the walls and light fixtures are corrected, get some plush rugs for the small bedroom floor, especially if the floor is covered in linoleum.

Step 2: Stay simple

Make sure the bedroom does not become overloaded with too many knickknacks, art pieces or other miscellaneous items. The color of the walls will have a huge effect on the mobile home bedroom.

Lighter hues will automatically make the room appear larger. If the small mobile home bedroom is very long, perhaps paint one of the smaller, far walls a darker or contrasting shade to make the room appear wider.

Step 3: Use multi-purpose furniture

An ideal bed choice is a framed futon, which can be folded into a couch when it’s not used for sleeping. Fold out sofa beds are another option. Pick a dresser with leg room underneath so it can double as a desk. Place small hooks on the bottom of shelving units for hanging jewelry or other lightweight items.

Step 4: Take advantage of ceiling space

The ceiling is an often forgotten tableau that can add another dimension to the room. Artwork that would otherwise clutter up the walls can be stuck to the ceiling with double-sided tape. The ceiling is also a great place to use overhead light fixtures in a small mobile home bedroom so floor and desk areas are not crowded with lamp fixtures.

Step 5: Stow stuff in nooks and crannies

A great amount of wasted space exists beneath beds, dressers and even in crevices between furniture pieces or doors. Invest in small, colorful bins to keep stuff organized and tuck away where it fits. Install shelves up high to keep the main area as large as possible.

Decorating Small Mobile Home Bedroom
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