Art Deco Bedroom Interior Design Style

Art Deco Bedroom Interior Design Style

If you expect something dramatic for your bedroom, you can add art deco bedroom interior design style directly to your bedroom. Art deco is known for its uniqueness since it has many mixtures of cultures and elements. Art deco style is firstly introduced in the early of twentieth century, but still in this time, this visually challenging style still has its own fans.

However, as the clue, if you really are want to add this kind of design style in your bedroom— here are the clues for you; if you want to apply wallpaper inside your bedroom, think about something that has strong geometric pattern with strong color, but the famous one is black and white.

Another choice in case you dislike the idea of installing bold geometric pattern for your art deco bedroom interior design style, then you can place inside your bedroom something like over-sized artwork or sculpture– pick which one that you love.

However, be sure that element of art deco that you place inside your bedroom is not too much. Why? Too energetic and dramatic bedroom bring no good to you. Bedroom is supposed to be the place where you can easily relax yourself from such busy routine.

For instance, if you pick such bold color for you wall, then be sure that the furniture that you pick can smooth the effect of the bold color that you display there. Another thing you can try for art deco bedroom interior design style is the influence from Egypt or Africa safari. But, once again be sure you know the right proportion of each element you put inside your bedroom.

The last thing, in art deco design style, there also has the influence of eclectic style. Therefore, it is something common if you will see the combination of mirrored furniture with something shiny and furry.

Art Deco Bedroom Interior Design