What Is the Most Popular Interior Living Room Design for 2022

Great Living Room Design for 2022

The living room is the place of reunion for family and friends. It’s where we spend time together, form projects, share thoughts. We love it when our decor is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. And although interior design trends are continuously changing, some concepts remain constant throughout time.

2020 was the year of certain design trends: floor-to-ceiling glass, marble, and lush greenery were to be found in almost every new home. However, if we look at what’s trending in 2022, not only will we see that these trends are making room for a lot more unique features but also that sleek minimalism is still on the top of homeowners’ lists.

What is the most popular living room design for 2022? The year 2022 will most likely be all about recycling and re-purposing furniture we no longer need and integrating it into a new room design. The idea of transforming something useless into a stylish household piece will most likely be one to watch out for in 2022.

After reading from some experts who are seeing what living room designs are showing in 2022, I have found the following to be the new design features people want in their homes: neutral materials, all white, creating balance, mixing patterns and textures, the explosion of colors, mix of styles, layers in the rooms, mix and match, interactive furniture, play on lighting, minimalistic or functional and cozy.

Rather than just one popular living room design, I will walk you through multiple aspects of interior living room design that are popular in 2022 and how to incorporate them based on your style. I have gathered their findings on the most popular interior living room designs for 2022:

1. Natural Materials

The use of natural elements such as wood and stone will be predominant in 2022. They’re warm and inviting, plus they come with a rich texture that helps create a comfortable environment.

Neutral decors or more concretely those with grays and whites on the palette are in demand for more than one year now. That fact has inspired many designers to create amazing living room decors with gray details. It’s a real classic that never goes out of style.

2. All White Everything

This is not always easy to pull off as some people would think, but the idea of using monochromatic colors on all your walls, flooring, and furniture can make a difference in how bright and spacious a room feels. The all-white living room is the perfect choice when it comes to elegance and sophistication.

And with so many different styles and textures available, it’s also one of the simplest color schemes to pull off successfully. Overall and above their extraordinary decorative potential, lighter colors can brighten up a space and make it seem more spacious than it is.

White is a popular choice for decorators who prefer neutrals because it helps you create amazing contrasts without dominating the room with strong colors. You can easily move from white to gray if you need to introduce some additional accent like a red vase or pink pillows.

3. An Explosion Of Colors

We’re going from a monochromatic to a multicolor universe! The upholstery, wallpaper, and carpet will have a myriad of colors. But don’t worry, you can still go for more subtle shades on the bare flooring and walls for an elegant look.

4. Mix Of of Classic and Contemporary

If you go for refined, some would say even traditional interiors, you’ll need to create a clash between the old-fashioned-looking furniture and the new design pieces. This will give your living room an edgy touch that sets it apart from what’s trending at the moment.

5. Layers Upon Layers

Once again, it’s all about the texture. This movement comes with a mix of materials, textures, and patterns with various intensities to create 3D effects. It works for both flooring and upholstery, which are bound to make your living room feel warm and inviting.

6. Mix & Match

If you’re not afraid to experiment, combine different styles that don’t necessarily match a stylish living room. Start with something geometric and minimalistic on the flooring then go for an Asian-inspired bench or sofa…and maybe decorate the space with some modern artworks…The sky is the limit!

7. Interactive Furniture

It’s all about getting yourself out of your comfort zone to find original pieces. How about a sofa that doubles as a swing or bookcase, or even an armchair with built-in storage? Even the ceiling is on the table!

Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep looking at stars while listening to some soft music? Another design trend that seems very likely to prosper in 2022 is the one of wall-mounted furniture. This trend surfaced last year when more and more homeowners were opting for solutions that allowed them to get rid of bulky pieces of furniture, thus freeing up space in the process.

This includes not only wall-mounted cabinets but also freestanding wall-mounted TVs, wall mounted lighting fixtures.

8. More Fun With Lighting

As we’ve seen before, lighting is key to embracing a new design movement. But this time around, think about using different angles and shapes as opposed to just going for a centerpiece chandelier. It can be as simple as a series of hanging lights that almost look like paper lanterns from afar!

As it is often used for entertainment, lighting design is something that you should not underestimate. The good news is that there are many ways to make your living room more stylish by using some latest designs of lighting fixtures.

For instance, if you have a small living room with low ceiling height, you can choose track lights or pendant lights because they will give a good accent to the room. You can also choose something that is sold in bulk such as LED strip lighting, especially if you have a very wide living room space.

9. A Minimalist Glance At Nature

Take inspiration from the great outdoors! If you’re not a fan of busy patterns, opt for something simple and contemporary by choosing colors of natural origin. The more neutral the interior design, the more airy and spacious your living room will feel.

You will probably amaze your friends who visited last week. The good news is that living room design ideas in 2022 can also be something simple to realize or apply. For instance, you should not ignore several important things in your living room.

It means that you should choose something comfortable enough to use, the lighting design must be well thought out because this one can change the look of your entire living room, and last but not least; you have to keep it simple so everyone will find it easy to do anything in your living room.

10. Functional and Cozy

If you want your living room to be a place for both work and play, think about using multifunctional elements such as ottomans that double as storage space. There are also storage benches that fit under the coffee table to save some space. Of course, don’t forget about finding comfortable seating!

A new trend slated for 2022 is “grey romance”. Although this seems like a contradiction in terms, it refers to the fact that homeowners are ditching white paint in favor of a very pale shade of grey, with the idea that this color is more appealing to the human eye.

The end goal here will be to offer people an escape from all that white and aim at recreating the feeling of coziness through greys. One of the simplest designs of a living room in 2022 is by choosing something that is not only stylish but also comfortable.

If you already do this one, you can keep reading several latest ideas about how to make your living room more stylish and impressive with a minimal budget. For instance, there are some cheap yet effective ways for styling up your old living room furniture pieces.

11. Mixing Textures and Patterns

If you’re a fan of layering, this one’s for you. The living room will be full of patterns and materials on upholstery, wallpaper, and flooring that work either side by side or on top of each other.

Experts point out that this year’s trends could follow the direction of geometrical designs, a trend already picking up pretty fast with a lot of homeowners opting for luxurious triangle or square sofas, coffee tables, and even sinks.

What is more, geometrical shapes are not only popping up in home decor but also in household appliances, with the idea of sleek and modern kitchen equipment being based on the pattern “less is more”.

Trends show that 2022 will be the year patterned wallpaper makes a comeback. Although this trend seems to have died out in 2017, there were certain design projects which showed that patterns are still something designers are eager to experiment with. Similar to what is happening with home appliances, the idea of patterned wallpaper will probably give rise to another trend.

12. A Study in Balance

Last but not least, is all about finding that perfect equilibrium between masculine and feminine touches. Think of solid furniture balanced by pretty lanterns or intricate wallpapers offset with bright upholstery. That’s how you put together a unique living room that sets the tone for your home.

When designing a space, you always want to focus on what not to do. If you follow these guidelines, you will draw the eye of your guests to the right areas rather than being distracted. Here are some living room designs to stay away from:

1. Round Sofas and Armchairs

We don’t know what it is with this trend, but it seems to be going on forever. It started as a Dr. Seuss style in the 90s and it’s still going strong.

2. Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are great for stationary like bedding and drapes, but not on upholstery as it makes a room look smaller.

3. Wallpaper

Although some wallpaper is pretty interesting these days, we can’t help wondering what happens if you want to redecorate.

4. Clashing Prints

That garish green sofa will look even worse when it clashes with the zebra print armchair and grandma’s dusty pink curtains.

5. Way Too Much Stuff

If you have a coffee table that doubles as an ottoman, then you can just skip this part of the article. But if you have knickknacks, vases, and several lamps on the same table… maybe it’s time to rethink things.

6. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are fine as long as they aren’t made of heavy material like velvet or faux leather. Those fabrics make a room dark and claustrophobic.

7. Tiled Floors

The only place where tiles are still popular is the kitchen. So please, avoid them at any cost in your living room!

8. Fake Brick Walls

Brick walls used to be a common feature in cozy country homes, but nowadays it’s somewhat dated.

9. Neutral Colors

If you’re afraid of color and all you have is gray and white, then maybe it’s time to try something else.

10. Too Much Seating

If you don’t have enough seating for your guests, you can always add a folding chair or two. But too many sofas and armchairs make the room look cluttered, even if they’re all different styles.

11. Overstuffed Cushions

We get it that you want to have a good time when sitting on the sofa, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Those ten pillows look way too heavy and they’re just points of interest for all the dust bunnies in the room.

12. Fake Plants

We love houseplants, but only when they’re real! Fake ones just look tacky.

13. Shiny Surfaces

If you have a shiny coffee table then maybe it’s time to think about replacing it with something matte. The same goes for reflective TVs on lacquered media units.

I trust these living room design styles help you know what to keep an eye out for in the future when you are looking to edit your living space. If you follow designs like these, it will make your home so much more inviting!